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collective2 forex

concepts in the paper, with the Mathematics behind the concepts. Updates are generated every day after the market close. There is a way around this. When I submitted a support ticket, I heard back from the company's president within minutes.

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collective2 forex

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Particularly, Matt has been very prompt in responses to issues and questions. The reported trade price may very well occur outside the bid/ask spread. What is the difference between adjusted and unadjusted data? Add, enter a name for your Watch List. Only the transaction volume is recorded and best bid/ask prices at the moment of the transaction are taken from multiple exchanges. Data is not recorded if there are no transactions during any specific time period. First bar during regular session will then be after 9:30 AM which, again, produces less than 390 bars for that day. You should be able to filter out the extreme prices in data if you compare them with the previous and/or next bars' prices. Non-Last-qualified trades are all trades that do not set the "Last" price. When present in intraday data, odd lots may prematurely trigger indicator based buy or sell signal or a stop, like, for example, ATR stop.