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Can bitcoin disappear

can bitcoin disappear

the telephone system. To see more from Doc, visit his channel. As long as there is money to be made in Bitcoin mining, people will risk their freedom to take part. The internet has many other uses, like sending cat photos. The most important rule is that someone who sends money must possess that amount of money. Therefore, Egbert, an imaginary miner, could shake out one block and get his reward at least once per day. If people could continuously create blocks, then the Internet would be filled with their different versions and it would be hard to sort out which should be added at the end of the blockchain. The blockchain itself will stay fully functional. So keep an eye out we will tell you all about it).

Well bitcoin will only disappear when gold disappears.
They can change or can work with bitcoins.
But they will never disappear as fiat will never disappear too.
If fiat comes to the point that has no use already, then thats the only time that banks can.

As it turns out, graphics cards work well for such computations. Source: m The creators of altcoins do not want minings cost of entry to become too high or otherwise difficult to meet; thus, they must devise new criteria for the blocks required beauty. The requirement prevents someone from rewriting the entire transaction history. As the evil operation expands, it will eventually reach 50 of the total hashing bitcoin vendors power, allowing them to keep all the blocks empty. Some sources blame miners for buying everything. By 2013, when the exchange rate for bitcoins went north of 100 per bitcoin, so many miner enthusiasts had joined the pack that a stroke of luck could take months to hit.

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