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Why is the price of bitcoin so high

why is the price of bitcoin so high

large sellers or buyers come into the market, it can result in huge increases or crashes in a short space of time. This can provide an opportunity to professionals who can effectively capitalize on the movements. This gives the impression that the market is far more forex grid strategy liquid than it in fact is and makes the market more susceptible to volatile price swings when large amounts are bought or sold that the market cannot facilitate. Its just been a decade since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin and the trust"ent and mainstream adoption of this cryptocurrency still remains rather low.

why is the price of bitcoin so high

This can serve to manipulate the price up or down as traders see the large order and adjust their trades.
If a large trader, known as a whale, was to put an order to sell 500 Bitcoin a little above the market price, it is likely that the price would drop as traders assess the arrival of this order.
This same trader may use the drop in price as a more attractive buying entry point and cancel the initial order which they had no intention to fill.
However, Bitcoins value had already increased to 9,959.84 as of February 16th at 21:00.
Rather than a steady increase in Bitcoins price up to mid-December of last year, this reflects volatility of this leading cryptocurrency.

ICE, an exchange owned by the nyse, will be launching Bakkt in 2019 which will focus on providing more products for institutional investors which are supported by a regulatory framework. Bitcoins price has risen stratospherically, a fact that leaves many minor players in the market with massive gains and many bigger players millionaires. Shariff says: Due to loopholes present in the current cyber security space, when Bitcoin disappears from wallets in a flash or huge exchanges are hacked, the remaining holders of Bitcoin press the panic buttons and dump it at whatever market price that is available. It may take a while longer for the volatility of altcoins to start to decrease as we have seen with Bitcoin. They may behave more like the Twitters bitcoin real estate trust of the cryptocurrency world for some time yet. This can serve to manipulate the price up or down as traders see the large order and adjust their trades. Gold is typically around.2 while major fiat currencies have daily volatility ranging from around.5. Yes, to those who are betting big on BTC.

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